What are the advantages of AngularJS?

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1. Data Binding - AngularJS provides a powerful data binding mechanism to bind data to HTML elements by using scope.
2. Customize & Extensible - AngularJS is customized and extensible as per you requirement. You can create your own custom components like directives, services etc.
3. Code Reusability - AngularJS allows you to write code which can be reused. For example custom directive which you can reuse.
4. Support – AngularJS is mature community to help you. It has widely support over the internet. Also, AngularJS is supported by Google which gives it an advantage.
5. Compatibility - AngularJS is based on JavaScript which makes it easier to integrate with any other JavaScript library and runnable on browsers like IE, Opera, FF, Safari, Chrome etc.
6. Testing - AngularJS is designed to be testable so that you can test your AngularJS app components as easy as possible. It has dependency injection at its core, which makes it easy to test.

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