What is Column Family Database?

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A Column Family database stores data column wise rather than row-wise.In a Column Store Databse, each row which is addressed by a key contains one or more "columns".Columns are themselves key-value pairs. The column names need not be predefined, i.e. the structure isn't fixed.Columns in a row are stored in sorted order according to their keys (names).

7DE04F9F-5398-4DC5-9BC4-66CC96A927DE <- Row

Name Location Salary <- col col col
A.Reddy India 2000 <- val val val

CC29FC6D-BA52-4D98-A366-C7F666941C46 <- Row
Name Location Salary <- col col col
A.Cruz Burma 5000 <- val val val
Examples : Cassandra,HBase etc.

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