What is difference between release and debug mode?

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Debug Mode

Building an application in debug mode will help at the development time to figure out the errors in the code. We use F5 for Debugging, F10(Step Over) or F11(Step Into) function keys along with breakpoints to investigate the execution process of the program.The .pdb file gets generated in this mode which keep track all the debugging process which on the other hand makes the application to execute slowly (as opposed to release mode). So we can figure out that, in this mode the source code is available to the developers.

Release Mode

At the time of deployment, we deploy the assemblies to the client machine. Henceforth, there is no need to produce the source code and the debug information at the client location . This is done through Release mode. Since no debug information is not generated, henceforth, this is comparatively faster . However, at during the release mode, we obviously use the logging framework and enable tracing so as to get the root cause of the problem of the application when it behaves unexpectedly.Equally, we employ health monitoring to measure the application performance.

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