Explain how Angular JS Boot process works?

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When ever we load any Angular Js application in the browser the following sequence of steps that happen:

Step 1: Just like as any request the HTML document will be loaded will be loaded and evaluated in the browser.After that the Angular Js file which was attached in the application gets loaded.

Step 2: Once that JS is being called the Global object is created after that the java script which registers the controller functions are executed.

Step 3: After that Angular Js will look for Angular Js Apps and Views. Once that view is being traced out it connects that view into the corresponding controller function

Step 4: Now Angular Js will execute the controller functions. It will render the views with data from model which is populated by the controller.

Step 5: Now the page is ready for the access.

This is how the Angular Js will control the flow from initial step to the final stage of page load functionality.

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