What is Service Bus?


What is Service bus Queues, Topics-Subscription, Relay and Event Hub?

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Service Bus: / Service bus provides a communication channel between sender and receiver.
Way of communication is depend on types of service bus entities.

Service Bus entity types: Queues, topics-Subscription, relay,Event hub.

Queues communication Process: : A sender sends a message to a service bus queue, and a receiver picks up that message asynchronously.

Sender ------> Queue ----------->Receiver

Topics-Subscription: Topic is also similar in many ways to a queue. Senders submit messages to a topic and topic enable each receiving message to create its own subscription by using a filter.
Each subscriber will see only the messages that match that.

------->Subscription A--------> Receiver A
Sender --------> [ Topic (Filters,ABC) ] ------->Subscription B--------> Receiver A
------->Subscription C--------> Receiver A

Relays: Service Bus relay provides synchronous communication, means two-way communication between applications. Sender and receiver both can send and receive the messages.

Sender <------> Relay <----------->Receiver

Event Hub:: When we track or process millions of events per second, means when application process huge amount of data and top of that perform some analytics to produce useful result using some connected devices and applications.

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