Disadvantages of using LINQ?

 Posted by Amatya on 3/21/2017 | Category: LINQ Interview questions | Views: 8808 | Points: 40

a) In case of complex queries performance issues might occur as LINQ process the complete query as it is not a precompiled statement.
b) It does not take the full advantage of database features as LINQ is generic.
c) In case any change , assembly is recompiled.
d)No good way of view permissions.
e) impedance mismatch is still present, which is reasonable but needs to be understood


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Posted by: Ajay2707 on: 8/29/2017 | Points: 10
It is very useful. One thing to add is linq query is not usefull when you have big database, do not preferrable as linq at server side memory will may be issue of perfomance.
Posted by: Amatya on: 9/1/2017 | Points: 10
yea . Exactly . Thanks for adding the point.

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