What are different classes that are present in .Net framework?

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Below are few classes that are present in .Net framework...

A) File class- It enables you to represent a file on your hard drive. You can use the file class to check whether a file exist or not, create a new file, delete a file, and also can perform many other file related tasks.

B) Graphics class- It enables you to work with different types of images such as GIF, PNG, BMP and JPEG images. You can use the Graphics class to draw rectangles, arcs, ellipse and other elements on an image.

C) Random class- It enables you to generate a random number.

D) SmtpClient class- It enables you to send email. You can use SmtpClient class to send emails that contain attachments and HTML content.

These are only four examples of classes in the framework. The .Net framework contains almost 13,000 classes that you can use when building applications.

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