What are the simple Escape sequences write with their unicode Character encoding.

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There are 11 Different simple Escape Sequences they are :

Escape Sequence = \' ,CharacterName= SingleQuote and UnicodeEncoding=0x0027

Escape Sequence = \'' ,CharacterName= DoubleQuote and UnicodeEncoding=0x0022

Escape Sequence = \\ ,CharacterName= BackSlash and UnicodeEncoding=0x005c

Escape Sequence = \0 ,CharacterName= Null and UnicodeEncoding=0x0000

Escape Sequence = \a ,CharacterName= Alert and UnicodeEncoding=0x0007

Escape Sequence = \b ,CharacterName= BackSpace and UnicodeEncoding=0x0008

Escape Sequence = \f ,CharacterName= FormFeed and UnicodeEncoding=0x000c

Escape Sequence = \n ,CharacterName= NewLine and UnicodeEncoding=0x000A

Escape Sequence = \r ,CharacterName= CarriageReturn and UnicodeEncoding=0x000D

Escape Sequence = \t ,CharacterName= HorizantalTab and UnicodeEncoding=0x0009

Escape Sequence = \v ,CharacterName= VerticalTab and UnicodeEncoding=0x000B

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