What are the Advantages of using SQL Triggers ?

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Different Advantages of Using SQL Triggers :

. It can catch the errors in business logic at the database level.

. It provides an alternative way to run scheduled tasks.

. It is very much useful when we use it to audit the change the data in a database table.

. Using SQL trigger,we don’t have to wait to run the scheduled tasks. we can handle
those tasks before or after changes being made to database tables.

. It provides an alternative way to check integrity.

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Advantages of Trigger

1.Faster application development. Because the database stores triggers, you do not have to code the trigger actions into each database application.
2.Global enforcement of business rules. Define a trigger once and then reuse it for any application that uses the database
3.Easier maintenance. If a business policy changes, you need to change only the corresponding trigger program instead of each application program.
4.Improve performance in client/server environment. All rules run in the server before the result returns.
5.Triggers can be used to enforce constraints

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