What is .NET Framework?

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.NET (.Network Enabled Technologies) is a collection of development tools
developed by the Microsoft Corporation that enables the developers to develop
and execute a large variety of applications

example: Console,Windows,Web,WPF,WCF, Web Services, Window Services,
Mobile Applications.

.NET Framework consists of:

1)CLR: (Common Language Runtime):

2)FCL: (Framework Class Llivraries)

3)Languages, Language Compilers

CLR is the set of components(also called as the execution engine) and provides
us with many runtime services.
1)Managing code execution.
2)Menory management and Garbage Collection.
3)Exception handling management
4)Security and Code Verification
5)MultiThreading support
6)Cross Language interoperability using CTS and CLS.

FCL provides us with the predefined class libraries which have over thousands of

classes that can be used in development and execution.

example: System.Data.dl


Languages :example: VB.NET, C#,VC++

Each language ahs its own set of compilers
ex: vbc for vb.net, csc for csharp.
Coompilers are used to compile the code and generate the executable files.(Assemblies)

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Instead of having multiple development environment, Microsoft introduce new development environment which is having unified development environment which will allow you the tools and solutions that you will need to develop rich applications in the stateless environment.

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