What is a Global Theme?

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A Global Theme is available to all the Web Sites on your Web Server.

For a File System based web site, follow these steps to create and implement a Global Theme

1)Create a Folder in this path


example: create a SkinFile Folder below the themes folder.

2)Create a .skin file in the SkinFile folder.
save the file.

3)specify one skin in the .skin file
<asp:TextBox runat="server" BackColor="LightBlue"/>

4)To attach the SkinFile Folder with a File System based web site:

a)Open a File System based web site:

b)Paste a web server control TextBox on the .aspx page

c)In the Page Directive, add this attribute :


5)Run the .aspx page. The BackColor of TextBox will be LightBlue.

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