Difference between var and dynamic?

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1)It is a keyword that is used for implicit variable declaration
ex: var a=100;
var b="welcome";
The compiler determines the datatype of the variable declared with var keyword
on the basis of assigned value. we have to assign value with variable declaration
ex: var a;
a="welcome"; This is wrong

2)var cannot be used to declare variables at class level.
3)var cannot be used as the return type of methods.
4)Intoduced in c# 3.0

1)It is a keyword used for variable declaration

ex: dynamic a=100;

dynamic b;

The datatype of the variable is determined at runtime

2)dynamic can also be used to declare class level variables

ex: class aa
dynamic d; //correct


3)dynamic can also be used as return type of the methods


class dd
static dynamic pp()
dyanmic d;
d=<some value>;
return d;

4)Introduced in c# 4.0

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