Is MSIL a high/low/middle level language?

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Microsoft Intermediate Language:
It is a set of CPU independent instructions which represent your code and used to provide language interoperability and compatibility of your code on different platforms.

It is not a high level language:
High Level language is C#:
High level language is more human readable,closer to a spoken language.
(Example: programming constructs like loops,if else conditions, keywords like using, class)
High level language defines modular programming,OOPS concepts and the source code.

MSIL is not low level language either:
low level language is in an executable or binary format(eg: machine language)
MSIL is not in an executable or binary format.

MSIL is not middle level language too:
Middle level language is C. It has modular programming and source code.
It is human readable.
C also supports low level programming (Assembly Language).

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