Can you cache a web page on the basis of stylesheets?

 Posted by Ddd on 3/22/2011 | Category: ASP.NET Interview questions | Views: 4042 | Points: 40

Yes, we can cache a web page on the basis of stylesheets.

Use the VaryByCustom attribute in the OutputCachde directive
<%@ OutputCache Duration="1000" VaryByParam="None" VaryByCustom="css" %>

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Posted by: Akiii on: 3/23/2011 | Points: 10
@Ddd .....

Can you describe a bit what do you mean by this question.....?

Thanks and Regards
Posted by: Ddd on: 3/23/2011 | Points: 10
The question is about Caching which can be controlled through a number of
parameters which can be a variable, object, querystring, browser, css etc.
According to the directive,if the stylesheet is applied on a web page, its
effect should not change for the specified duration when some other style
is applied during that duration.
I hope it is fine.

Posted by: Akiii on: 3/23/2011 | Points: 10
thanks for the reply...
i want to try this.....
do you have any code or can you tell me how to test what u have told me ??

Thanks for your help
Posted by: Webmaster on: 3/23/2011 | Points: 10

Please do not ask these types of questions in the responses of the Interview Questions. Please use Forums section for any kind of question or discussion on related topic.

Posted by: Akiii on: 3/23/2011 | Points: 10

i am extremely sorry if i have broke any rule...
i will not post anything......

Posted by: Chvrsri on: 3/23/2011 | Points: 10
Dear Akiii,

I just want to remind you it is not a rule.It is more like a practice which makes every thing look organized.Hope you take it in a positive way.

Posted by: Akiii on: 3/23/2011 | Points: 10
No No, i mean i will not post my questions here, i will post those elsewhere as suggested by webmaster....


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