How do you configure outgoing E-mail?

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It is recommended that you set up a Local SMTP Virtual Server on your share point box and configure it to relay to your normal domain.

This will not only provide a natural queuing mechanism which would be highly preferred, but it will also provide you with what you need to set up incoming email as well as outgoing.


More details on this ...

If you are looking to use your corporate email to read outbound email--you'll need to go to the SMTP Virtual server and set up a new domain in it. Click on domains and make a new remote domain. Type in the name of your corporate email (for me it would be

Once it's made, get the properties on it and configure the smart host to be the name of your actual mail server (exchange or whatever). This will cause the SMTP Virtual Server to relay mail addressed to your remote domain to your corporate email server.

If that server only accepts mail from authenticated sources, you'll have to configure the outbound security on the remote domain as well as the smart host.


Note too the usual need to make sure that Port 25 is not blocked by an A-V software (McAfee being the typical culprit)

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