What is the difference between ASP.net and VB.net?

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VB.NET is a programming language that uses the .NET framework
and runtime when compiled. ASP.NET is a subset of the classes
in the .NET framework that are used in developing web
applications. ASP.NET is not really a language, it is a subset
of the classes in the .NET framework. If you look closely at
the codebehind files of ASP.NET pages, controls, or other
things you can create with ASP.NET, you will notice that they
are actually just .NET classes written using VB.NET, C#, or
whatever .NET language you chose to use. The *.aspx, *.ascx,
and other files that include html and/or directives are merged
with the associated codebehind file into a single class during
runtime (for example, the files index.aspx, index.aspx.vb, and index.aspx.designer.vb would all be compiled into one class during runtime). So to put it simply, an ASP.NET webapplication is just, in a way, a program written in .NET.Hopefully this helps clear things up, if you need more detail I would do a search online

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