What is difference between Web site and Web application ?

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Scenarios in which Web application projects :

0.we want to create web application the folder structure like One Project file and as well as Reference folder and along with One assembly file ie located in Bin folder.
1.We want to the compiler to create a single assembly for the entire site.
2.we want to be able to use the Edit and Continue feature of the Visual Studio debugger.
3. we want to run unit tests on code that is in the class files that are associated with ASP.NET pages.
4.we want to create project dependencies between multiple Web projects.
5.we want user MS-Build or Team Build for Compilation
6.we want avoid putting source code on a production server.
7.we want to use the automated deployment tools that are available in Visual Studio 2010.

Scenarios in which Web Sites :

0.we want to create website structure like folders and not having Reference folder
ask File Location
1.We want to include both C# and Visual Basic code in a single Web project
2.we want to open the production site in Visual Studio and update it in real time by using FTP.
3.If you pre compile the site, you want to be able to update individual ASP.NET Web pages (aspx files) without having to recompile the entire Web site.
4.if we want to create website ask File Location as FTP,HTTP etc
5.we want to be able to update individual files in production by just copying new versions to the production server, or by editing the files directly on the production server.


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