You add the following method to an application that uses LINQ to SQL:
public Person LookupStudent(intstudentId)
using (var dataContext = new SchoolDataClassesDataContext())
return dataContext.Persons.FirstOrDefault(p =>p.PersonID == studentId);
You find that the following code throws an exception when attempting to iterate the child entities given by the StudentGrades property:
var student = LookupStudent(studentId);
foreach (var g in student.StudentGrades)
You need to modify the LookupStudent method to fix the exception.
What should you do?

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Select from following answers:
  1. Create the DataContext without a using statement and do not call Dispose.
  2. Set the DataContextObjectTrackingEnabled property to False.
  3. Set the DataContextDeferredLoadingEnabled property to False.
  4. All Above

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