Explain the 4+1 View Model

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It is a view model developed by Philippe Kruchten that describes the system from the viewpoint of different stakeholders. The various views are as under

Logical view – is concerned with the functionality that the system provides to end-users.

Development view/Implementation view – illustrates a system from a programmer's perspective and is concerned with software management.

Process view – deals with the dynamic aspects of the system, explains the system processes and how they communicate, and focus on the runtime behavior of the system. The process view addresses concurrency, distribution, integrators, performance, and scalability, etc.

Physical view/Deployment view - depicts the system from a system engineer's point-of-view. It is concerned with the topology of software components on the physical layer, as well as the physical connections between these components.

Use Case view / Scenario view - The description of architecture is illustrated using a small set of use cases, or scenarios which become a fifth view. The scenarios describe sequences of interactions between objects, and between processes. They are used to identify architectural elements and to illustrate and validate the architecture design. They also serve as a starting point for tests of an architecture prototype.

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