I have the following EmployeeMaster table in Test database.

empID empName empStatus
1 Naga A
2 Sundar A
3 Siva A
4 Shankar A
5 Kevin NULL
6 Kumar I

In Empstatus column we are having four Active employees,one inactive employee and one employee without any status that is NULL.

If I run the following query, how many rows will be returned by SQL Server?

select * from EmployeeMaster where empStatus <> 'A'

 Posted by Nagasundar_Tn on 11/11/2012 | Category: Sql Server Interview questions | Views: 4077 | Points: 40
Select from following answers:
  1. one row
  2. two rows
  3. four rows
  4. zero (no) rows
  5. All Above

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thank you so much for helping to gain a more knowledge
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Dear NagaSundar,

Dera NagaSundar,

I have go through your blog nice material. Thanks

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