what are the properties of datatable?

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DataTable is a class that contains data in row column format. Some of the properties of datatable are

TableName         -- Denotes the name of the DataTable.

DataSet -- Gets the dataset for the table.
DefaultView -- Gets the view of datatable with RowFilter condition etc.,
ROWS -- Get all rows of the table.
Column -- Denotes all columns of the table
ChildRelation -- Gets the collection of child relations for the data table
ParentRelation -- Gets the collection of parent relations for the data table
Constrints -- Gets the collection of constraints maintained by the table
PrimaryKey -- Gets or Sets an array of columns that function as primary key for
the table.

Apart from this we have the properties such as

Extended Properties, HasErrors, IsInitialized, locale, MinimumCapacity, Prefix, RemotingFormat, Site

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