What is the purpose of String_Agg function in PostgreSQL?

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The "String_Agg" function input values concatenated into a string separated by delimiter.

Let us consider that we have two tables say Employee and Department with the below data.

/* Employee Table(tblEmployee) */

DeptId EmpName
------- -------
1 Shashi Bhushan
1 Deepak Singh
1 Abhijeet Moshambique
1 Manish Bharat
2 Fatima Sarani
2 Sumanta Manik
3 Amitav Mallik
3 Deepak Kumar Goyal
3 Amitav Salonki
4 Amit Ojha

/* Department Table(tblDept) */
DeptId DeptName
------ --------
1 Accounts
2 Finance
3 IT
4 Sales


And we are looking for the below output

/* Result */

Deptname Employee List
-------- -------------
Accounts Shashi Bhushan,Deepak Singh,Abhijeet Moshambique,Manish Bharat
Finance Fatima Sarani,Sumanta Manik
IT Deepak Kumar Goyal,Amitav Salonki
Sales Amit Ojha

We can achieve this by using String_Agg function as under

Select DeptName, String_Agg((EmpName), ',') "Employee List"

From tblEmployee
Join tblDept
Group By DeptName;

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