Difference between jQuery-x.x.x.js and jQuery.x.x.x min.js?

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In terms of functionality, there is no difference between the jQuery-x.x.x.js and jQuery-x.x.x-min.js .jQuery-x.x.x-min.js is also called as minified version of jQuery.

jQuery-1.4.4.js file size is 178 KB and the jQuery-1.4.4-min.js size is 76.7 KB. If you are not using minified version of jQuery,then it will load the 178 kb file( jQuery-1.4.4.js).So it will take the much time to load the page and will hurt the performance.

So we can prefer using jQuery-1.4.4.js during development and jQuery-1.4.4-min.js when we move the code into production environment.

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