What is the future of "Big Data"?

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The future of “big data” from a business perspective looks exiting, so let’s take a look at what technology has in store for big data. The classic problem of “big data” is the ability to assemble and preparing it for analysis. The multitude of systems leaving digital traces is storing data in different formats. Assembling, standardizing, normalizing, cleaning up and selecting the crème-de-la-crème data for analysis is the crux of the problem. This is currently handled by Hadoop and other advancement of technologies such as high-speed data analysis, in memory processing etc. The challenges which remain are processing huge data very quickly; defining a platform; make the technology much more accessible; removing the complexities and making the data more secure. The speed of data processing will be enhanced once the in-memory technologies etc. evolve. The next challenge would be create a high availability platform which would take out the complexities of processing and analyzing the huge amount of data. The creation of the platform would involve developing tools for quick digestion of huge amount of data and extracting the juice, the process should be made simpler too so that a person who is a layman in technology can also perform the task. The techniques of effectively using the pointers post-analysis would also gain attention.

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