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Text summarization is to create a summary of the detailed text. The most important part of summarization is to reduce the size of the text without distorting the overall meaning and without eliminating the essential points in the text. This helps in getting the useful information from only summarized portion of text. In summarization one of the most commonly used techniques is sentence extraction, which extracts the essential sentences from the text by adding a weight to the sentence and also finds out the position of a particular sentence by identifying the key phrases.
Text summarization is very helpful in trying to figure out whether or not a lengthy document meets the user’s needs and is worth reading for further information. Generally, when humans summarize text, we read the entire selection to
develop a full understanding, and then write a summary highlighting its main points. With large texts, text summarization software processes and summarizes the
document in the time it would take the user to read the first paragraph.

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