Difference between WCF and Web Service?

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1) Web Services support hosting in IIS whereas WCF support hosting in IIS, WAS and Self-hosting.

2) Web Services can be invoked by Http whereas WCF service can be invoked by Http, Tcp, Named Pipes, MSMQ.

3) WCF Services are more reliable and secure as compare to Web Services.

4) WCF Services are more flexible as we make a new version of service we just have to expose a new endpoint.

5) In Web Service, [WebMethod] attribute specifies the method exposed to client. In WCF [OperationContract] attribute represents the method.

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Posted by: Rojasamala on: 7/25/2013 | Points: 10
Webservice is an application.
It is used to interact with the other applications over the internet.
Webservice is language independent, platform independent and protocol independent.
I earlier wrote the article How to create webserices in .net
Webservices are communicate by using the standard protocols like

SOAP : Service Oriented Acess Protocol
HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
XML : Extensible Markup Language
For more see below link

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