What is Hive?

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Hive can be thought of as a data warehouse infrastructure for providing summarization, query and analysis of data that is managed by Hadoop.Hive provides a SQL interface for data that is stored in Hadoop.And, it implicitly converts queries into MapReduce jobs so that the programmer can work at a higher level than he or she would when writing MapReduce jobs in Java. Hive is an integral part of the Hadoop ecosystem that was initially developed at Facebook and is now an active Apache open source project.

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Hive is a data warehouse framework on the top of Hadoop. It's the best suitable for data ware house applications. Where the data is static and not change the data frequently and high latency (processing time is high) is not a matter, at that time most frequently this hive tool used in Hadoop. The main power of Hive is it almost like SQL commands. So any database developer can easily learn Hive quickly.
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