What is a table called, if it has no Cluster Index?

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Unindexed table or Heap.

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Posted by: Pandians on: 9/10/2009

Your question is:
What is a table called, if it has neither Cluster nor Non?cluster Index?

Your answer is:
Unindexed table or Heap

A table doesn't have CLUSTERED Index is called HEAP .

Definition : A table which has Non-Clustered index, will not sort the data Physically.
So the data physically not sorted then it will be called as HEAP structure.
So. The table also called as HEAP even it has Non-Clustered Index.

So, Pl try to change your Question / Answer accordingly. Sorry for this kind of reply.... I am trying to steer right way, not anything else. Pl take it as Optimistic.

Posted by: Virendradugar on: 9/10/2009

Thanks for bringing into notice. I have modified the question.

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