What is CHOOSE() function in SQL Server?

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CHOOSE() function is very simple and it returns specified index from a list of values. If Index is numeric, it is converted to integer. On the other hand, if index is greater than the element in the list, it returns NULL.

SELECT CHOOSE ( 0, 'TRUE', 'FALSE', 'Unknown' ) AS Returns_Null;

SELECT CHOOSE ( 1, 'TRUE', 'FALSE', 'Unknown' ) AS Returns_First;
SELECT CHOOSE ( 2, 'TRUE', 'FALSE', 'Unknown' ) AS Returns_Second;
SELECT CHOOSE ( 3, 'TRUE', 'FALSE', 'Unknown' ) AS Returns_Third;
SELECT CHOOSE ( 4, 'TRUE', 'FALSE', 'Unknown' ) AS Result_NULL;

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CHOOSE is one of the new built-in logical function introduced as a Part of Sql Server 2012. It returns the value at the specified index position from the list of values.

SYNTAX: CHOOSE ( index, val_1, val_2 [, val_n ] )

Example 1: CHOOSE Basic Example
SELECT CHOOSE(1,'Spring','Summer','Autumn','Winter')
SELECT CHOOSE(2,'Spring','Summer','Autumn','Winter')
SELECT CHOOSE(3,'Spring','Summer','Autumn','Winter')
SELECT CHOOSE(4,'Spring','Summer','Autumn','Winter')

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