What is a Method Group Conversion in C#?

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Since Version 2.0,C# simplifies the syntax that assigns a method to a delegate.This is called Method Group Conversion .
It allows you to simply assign the name of the method to a delegate without using a new operator or explicitly invoking the delegate's constructor.
For E.g
Suppose we have a method name ReplaceSpace(string str)
Now i have a delegate del in the same class then we assign a method to a delegate with the simple syntax-:
del d=new del(ReplaceSpace);
string temp="";
//and now i will call the method
temp=d("Hello this is an example);

Now with method group conversion i will not use the new operator.
del d=ReplaceSpace ;
string temp="";
temp=d("Hello this is an example)

where del is my delegate defined earlier.

and in case my method is in another class then
class cs=new class();
del d=cs.ReplaceSpace//

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