What is Prototyping?

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Prototyping is the process of quickly putting together a working model in order to test various aspects of a design, illustrate ideas or features & gather early user feedback. It is believed to reduce project risks and cost.

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Posted by: Vishvvas on: 9/3/2011 | Points: 10
In addition to above good pinpotinting, a prototype has following characteristics
1. Its an incomplete model
2. Generally it represents few aspects of final solution reather the final solution could be entirely different
3. This is really beneficial in complex domain and research oriented products / projects.
4. A protoype can help to give measure of difference in understanding among developmet team and client
5. A prototype can help to drive towards more refined requirment and also evolve the final systems
6. Protype can incur additional development efforts
Prototyping is also a recognized developmet methodlogy which ofcourse very few are aware of. This can be more termed as tailor made for specifie areas.
Hope this helps.

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