How to get values from hashtable?

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We can access value with the help of Hashtable'Key.
We can differentiate Hashtable with keys and Values.

Suppose,i have one Hashtable named ht_courses as below:-

Hashtable ht_courses = new Hashtable();

ht_courses.add("course1","Dot Net");

Here course1,course2,course3 and course4 are the Keys and Dot Net,C#,VB.NET and ASP.NET are the Values.

//Now to access Value from Hashtable,we will write below code:

 if (ht_courses.Count > 0)

string course1_value = (string)ht_courses["course1"];
string course2_value = (string)ht_courses["course2"];
string course3_value = (string)ht_courses["course3"];
string course4_value = (string)ht_courses["course4"];

//Output will be for:-
//course1_value = Dot Net
//course2_value = C#
//course3_value = VB.NET
//course4_value = ASP.NET

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