What is the use of Stuff function in Sql Server?

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Stuff function is also a String function which works exactly same as Replace function except for searching any value from specified string.It replaces portion of the string in a specified string.


expression_value1: Is our any string a string from which portion of characters will be replaced.It can be a constant,variable,or column of either character or binary data.

string_length: Is a Numeric value that specifies starting index to replace characters from expression_value1.If we specify negative value or greater than the expression_value1 string then Stuff function returns null value.

string_length: Is also a Numeric Value which specifies number of characters to be replaced from expression_value1.If negative value is specified as length,then stuff function returns null value.

expression_value2: Is a new string to be changed from expression_value1.

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Appreciate for your questions but need to give with the examples also as virtual interview questions,that will be so help full to us

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