SharePoint is about centralizing documents, how similar is to the windows folder?

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As discussed in the previous questions SharePoint is all about centralizing documents.  Consider the below company example where the CEO’s computer, accountants computer, sales persons computer and the customer personal pc are storing the documents in their own personal folders. The way they send documents to each other again varies from person to person.

SharePoint centralized everything in central server. So with this approach we do not have different copies of document scattered in personnel PC. The most important point is the backups  and versioning can now be managed through the central server.


Consider the below figure which shows a simple folder with ‘courses’ as the top folder which has later has ‘networking’ and ‘programming’ folder. The ‘programming’ folder has ‘dotnet’ and ‘java’ folder which has a word document ‘SharePointFoBeginners.doc’.

Below is a just a zoomed picture of the folder structure we see above.

So if we want to implement the same in sharepoint

Step 1:- Click on the right side ‘Site actions’ menu and click on ‘Site Settings’.

Step 2: - You will be shown lot of option , click on ‘Site libraries and lists’ and then click on ‘Create Content’

Step 3: - You will then be popped up to create a page. We will select ‘Basic page’ for our current situation.

Step 4: - Give a page name and click on ‘Create a new document library’. The document library helps us to provide the necessary folder structure and document centralization.

Step 5: - We need to specify a name for the document library. We will specify the name as ‘Courses’ because that forms the folder name for the top folder.

Step 6: - Once you click on create you will see the courses directory at the right hand side of the quick launch menu.

Step 7: - So we have repeated step 6 and created our folder hierarchy. Now we can upload document using the upload document as shown in the figure below.

Once document is uploaded you can see the document with folder structure as shown below. Below folder structure represents exactly your windows folder structure.

In case you want to have a windows explorer look and feel. Click on action and click on open with windows explorer.

You can see the exact windows folder look and feel of your sharepoint documents.

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