Can you describe the complete architecture of SOA?

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Figure ‘Architecture of SOA’ shows a complete view of a SOA. Please note this architecture diagram is not tied up with implementation of Microsoft, IBM etc. It’s a general architecture. Any vendor who implements SOA needs to fulfill the below SOA components. How they do it is completely their own technological implementation.

Figure: - Architecture of SOA

The main goal of SOA is to connect disparate systems. In order that these disparate system work they should messages to each other. ESB (Enterprise service bus) acts like a reliable post office which guarantees delivery of messages between systems in a loosely coupled manner. ESB is a special layer which delivers messages between applications. In the figure we have shown a huge plump pipe. It’s not hardware or some wire etc. It’s a group of components/software which helps you to send and receive messages between the disparate applications. Do not try to code your own ESB, you can think of buying one from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, progress etc.

SOA registry is like a reference database of services. It describes what each services do, where are they located and how can they communicate. It’s a central reference of meta-data for services.

SOA workflow allows us to define work flow using the services in SOA registry. We will read more about BPM in the further questions.

Service broker reads the work flow and takes services from the SOA registry and ties them together. Service brokers are normally middleware like EAI (Enterprise application Integration) products. You can get a list of decent EAI from Sun, Microsoft, and IBM etc.

Process manager is nothing but the collection of SOA registry, SOA workflow and service broker.

SOA supervisor is traffic cop ensuring that services do not have issues. It deals mainly with performance issues of the system so that appropriate service levels are met. If any of the services have performance problems it sends messages to the proper infrastructure to fix the issue.

Note: - The above explanation is of general architecture for SOA. Any vendor (Microsoft, IBM, SUN etc) who gives solution for SOA should have the above components in some or other manner. As this is a Software architecture book, we will not be covering specific vendor implementation. We would advise the reader to map the same to their vendor products for better understanding.

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