Bill Desk Payment Gateway Integration Approach

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This post is just a guide/approach for the bill desk payment gateway integration.


The approach between the merchant (i.e. User/Service Provider) website and BillDesk is described below:

BillDesk Payment Gateway Integration Approach

Payment Request 

The merchant constructs a string separated by [‘|’] pipe with some important input data. Let’s take an example of shopping cart with following input:

  • Order Number
  • Transaction Amount
  • Product Number
  • Product Type
  • Comments
  • Return Response URL

Message Details Format


Sample message with checksum value generation details


Note: The data is to be generated and arranged in a single line.

The checksum is an important part while some one receives the message from BillDesk.

Once the User (site owner) gets the response from BillDesk, a new checksum is generated at the user site to verify the received one. Any differences in the checksum indicate that the messages has been modified or received erroneously.

BillDesk provides a checksum component to the user (site owner) to generate the checksum.

The Checksum component will require a message string and common string, i.e. password shared by bill desk to generate checksum.

Let’s assume that the checksum is 5598765478

Sample transaction Message to be sent to Bill Desk URL as parameter ‘msg’ through “POST” mechanism


Payment Response

The payment response is sent to the Return URL which was specified dynamically by Merchant for each transaction.

This response is a browser response and the message will be posted to the Merchant’s Return URL as a parameter – msg

Sample Response Message Details:

MerchantID|CustomerID|TxnReferenceNo|BankReferenceNo|TxnAmount|BankID|BankMerch antID|TxnType|CurrencyName|ItemCode|SecurityType|SecurityID|SecurityPassword|TxnDa te|AuthStatus|SettlementType|AdditionalInfo1|AdditionalInfo2|AdditionalInfo3|AdditionalInf o4|AdditionalInfo5|AdditionalInfo6|AdditionalInfo7|ErrorStatus|ErrorDescription|CheckSum

Sample Response Message from Bill Desk:

MYSITE|ALPHA5689|TRNI0412001668|NA|00005656.00|CIT|33388907|NA|INR|DIRECT|NA|NA|NA|1 -12-2011 17:08:16|0300|NA|NB|NB|NA|NA|NA|NA|NA|NA|NA|5598765478

AuthStatus - Status Reason - Proposed Transaction Status

0300 - Success - Successful Transaction

0399 - Invalid Authentication at Bank - Cancel Transaction

NA - Invalid Input in the Request Message - Cancel Transaction

0002 - Billdesk is waiting for Response from Bank - Cancel Transaction

0001 - Error at Billdesk - Cancel Transaction


 1.    You can store some of the key information in the config file 

<add key="MerchantId" value=" MYSITE "/>

<add key="CurrencyType" value="INR"/>

<add key="TypeField1" value="R"/>

<add key="SecurityId" value="mysite"/>

<add key="TypeField2" value="F"/>

<add key="AdditionlaInfo1" value="NA"/>

<add key="AdditionlaInfo2" value="NA"/>

<add key="ReturnUrl" value=""/>

<add key="BillDeskUrl" value=""/>

<add key="CheckSumKey" value="9FGcERMK1GfF"/>


2.    Read all the config value and create the message string. Generate the checksum key and pass the same along with message string created earlier through post method to bill desk URL.

3.    Receive the information from bill desk through response and extract the required information. Store and display as per your requirement.


I hope this helps! 

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This will really helpful for high level understanding to Intergrate with Billdesk.
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HI ,

I am working on Build-desk integration. In the response get from Payment gateway their is a checksum parameter in that. Is their any way to create that checksum again (for reconciliation) by parameters in response so that to validate that no body changed other parameter in between.
Thanks in Advance.
Posted by: Ankie147 on: 1/2/2019 | Points: 25
Every time it show why your control panel is not working in the actual situations and for make the easy what you have ideas and how you will put all then in the computer screen if you have clear with the games then just read more about it.

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