create Web Applications without a single line of coding using Code on time

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This Article is for to learn how to create Web Applications without a single line of coding using Code on time..This Generated code is useful to avoid the basic work to be done..


This Article is to learn how to create ASP.NET Web Applications without a single line of coding using Code on time.This Generated code is useful to avoid the basic work .


Code On Time web application generator will create advanced web apps straight from your database.These web applications are rich with features such as adaptive filtering, search bars, reporting, charts, and data sheet view. All you need is a database.


Open click on Downloads and then drag down to search for Application Generator click on Download and install it….

Steps to Start

1. Now double click on the icon Code OnTime Generator that appeared on the Desktop to see the screen as below…It takes some time to start for the first Time

2. Then we see a screen as below. Click on Create new web Application


3. Here you can select in which are familiar with. In this article we are going with web App factory as we need an ASP.NET web application

4. Now Provide a Name Space and the framework Version and click on Next

5. Click on the connection string button and give the server name and credentials of sql server here. Wecan also populate the database with sample tables like North wind and also can provide membership clicking on add…Click on Test if succeeded click on OK and then next..if the test connection is not succeeded there is some problem with the server which have to be rectified.
6. In the next window we can specify our custom label names Data Access Objects 
Database views and remaining which are necessary according to your requirement. And then click on Next

7. In the next window check the checkbox if static and dynamic reports are needed for the application as shown below. These reports can be exported to Pdf word and excel on Next

8. In this window we can specify Authentication as per our needs and then click on Next 
9. In the next window we can provide the copyright details click on next and specify the UI structure as per our need and then click on Next and select the layout click on Next and then Generate button to see application generated as below..


10. Later on we can edit and modify by clicking on the design and also can develop in visual studio by clicking on shown in below screens


Lot of time of Developers can be saved with this generated application…and the code generated is easily understandable to modify it according to our requirement……

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