Creating Project in Team Foundation Server 2012

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This Article explains on how to create Team Project, Add Team Members, Assigning Roles, Assigning Tasks, Reporting a bug in Team Foundation Server 2012


This Article explains on how to create Team Project, Add Team Members, Assigning Roles, Assigning Tasks, Reporting a bug in Team Foundation Server 2012.

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Following are the Steps to Create Team Project in Team Foundation server 2012

1. Open Visual studio 2012 Navigate to Team anc click on Connect to Team Foundation server  as shown below..Make sure that the windows users have been created in Server….means  the User accounts must be created in server in order to login to the Team foundation server

Figure 1: Team Foundation Server Connection

2. After successful Connection to Team foundation server you can Navigate to File>New>Team Project as 
shown Below to create a Project 

Figure 2: Team Foundation Server Create New Project

3. Now you can see a Pop up window to enter the Project name and description as shown below… Enter the Name of the Project and the description and click on Next

Figure 3: Team Foundation Server Project Name & Description

4. In the Next you will watch the Template named Microsoft Visual studio Scrum 2.0 to select which defines the Following Types of work....
• Product backlog item 
• Bug 
• Task 
• Impediment 
• Test case

Figure 4: Microsoft Scrum Template 2.0

5. Select the Template and Click on Next in this Step you can select an empty source folder or can add to existing as a branch folder as shown below

Figure 5: Microsoft Scrum Template 2.0

6. Select on Create an Empty Source Control Folder and Click Finish You will see the Following window

Figure 6: Team Project Creation Status

7. Now it Time to Add all the Team Members to access the Team project….In TFS 2012 we have a new feature
of Web access where we can do the entire operations like assigning roles granting Permissions, providing rights…By 
default there will be several groups of each project with specific permissions…we can use them or else can create 
our own group by giving manual permissions……Click on web access as shown in the below figure..

Figure 7: Team Project Web Access


The web access Page which is use to manage the project team members assigning roles will be explained in my Part 2 article…..Thanks for checking my article…..


Here you can know about TFS 2012

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