Implement of Fault Contract in WCF

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Fault Contracts are used to communicate error information from a service to client.They help us to define the errors to be expected from particular service,which we can catch and manage conditions depending on the type of fault.


This Article Explains us to how to use Fault Contracts in Windows Communication Foundation

  • Fault Contracts are useful when you need report the error to the client.
  • It will handle an error by the service class and display in the client side.
  • By default when we throw any exception from service, it will not reach the client side. WCF provides the option to handle and convey the error message to client from service using SOAP Fault contract.

Lets look into sample Implementation

Step 1:Create a WCFService Application Here Iam naming it as DemoFaultContractWCF
Step 2 :In the Interface write the following code

Using the code

    public interface IFaultContract
        string OrderGrocery(string ISBN, int Quantity);

    public class OrderItems
        private string info;

        public OrderItems(string Message)
   = Message;

        public string msg
            get { return; }
            set { = value; }
Here we are defining Fault Contract for OrderGrocery if the items exceeds 10  it will show the fault Message

The Fault Contract attribute is configured to allow multiple usages so that we can list multiple fault contracts in a single operation as below
 public class FaultContractService : IFaultContract
        #region IFaultContract Members

        public string OrderGrocery(string ISBN, int Quantity)
            int GroceryOnHand = 10;

            //check book quantity vs. order quantity
            if (Quantity <= GroceryOnHand)
                return "Order placed";
                throw new FaultException(new OrderItems(" You have ordered too many Items"));

Create a Client Application and call the WCF Service 


We have learned how to Implement Fault Contracts in Windows Communication Foundation.Let me know any issues on Implementation through comments.Thanks for reading my article.

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