DotNetNuke Installation and Usage Part 3

Rama Sagar
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Christoc module development templates allow us to easily start up a new development project for DotNetNuke. They do require that you already have DotNetNuke running in your development environment.


This article explains us to how to install the Extension in Dot Net nuke and create a page and assign a module to the page..

Hope you have a look at my Part 1 and Part 2 articles

Lets Continue from Part 2 Article

After Debugging the Module we will see the following output page

  • Step 1 Click on login from top right corner and provide the details which we have created in Part 1
  • Step 2:-Now click on Host and select Extensions as shown and click on Install Extension Wizard

Choose File and select the Source zip file from the path C:\websites\\DesktopModules\ModuleExample\install

Step 3:-Select file and click on next. now we can see the module installed as shown below

Step 4:-Now let’s use the Module in our page for that create a page and assign the module as shown

Click on Admin and select Page management

Here I want to add page under Home for that Right click on Home and select Add Page(s)  as shown below

Step 5:- Provide the page name and click on Create page

Step 6:- Now let’s add our Module to our page

Click on Modules on top and select add new module as shown and drag our Module to our page 

That’s it we can see the output of our module 


So far in this article we have learned how to create a Module,How to install the Extensions,and how to create a page and assign the module to the page in Dot Net Nuke

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