Bindings in knockout Part 2

Rama Sagar
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Knockout is a standalone JavaScript implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel pattern with templates.For more info


This article explains how to use control flow bindings in Knockoutjs

Knockoutjs provides the following control flow bindings

  • foreach
  • if
  • ifnot
  • with
 These control-flow bindings give you complete control over how your ViewModel is displayed in a view.

The foreach binding

<tbody data-bind='foreach: Students'>
    <td data-bind='text: Firstname'></td>
    <td data-bind='text: Lastname'></td>
    <td><button data-bind='click: $root.removeStudent'>Remove</button></td>
When Knockout.js encounters foreach in the data-bind attribute, it iterates through the Students array and uses each item it finds for the binding context of the contained markup. This binding context is how Knockout.js manages the scope of loops. 

The if binding

The if binding is a conditional binding. If the parameter we pass evaluates to true, the contained HTML will be displayed, otherwise it’s removed from the DOM. For Example if the checkbox is checked we are showing the message
<label><input type="checkbox" data-bind="checked: displayMessage" /> Display message</label>
<div data-bind="if: displayMessage">Welcome to </div>
The ifnot binding

The ifnot binding is exactly the same as the if binding, except that it inverts the result of whatever expression we pass to it
<div data-bind="ifnot: someProperty">...</div>
The with binding

The with binding can be used to manually declare the scope of a particular block. 

<h1 data-bind="text: city"> </h1>
<p data-bind="with: location">
    Latitude: <span data-bind="text: latitude"> </span>,
    Longitude: <span data-bind="text: longitude"> </span>


In this article we have learned how to use control flow bindings in Knockoutjs


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