Build an app using WIndows Phone App Studio Beta- An Introduction

Rama Sagar
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Windows Phone App Studio beta is a web-based app creation tool designed to help people easily bring an app idea to life by applying text, web content, images, and design concepts to a rich set of customizable templates.


This article explains the Microsoft "Windows Phone App Studio Beta".Windows Phone App Studio is about giving everyone the ability to create an app, regardless of experience. It also can radically accelerate workflow for all developers.

Microsoft launched its new online tool for new Windows Phone developers earlier this week, enabling those with app ideas to easily create and deploy working concepts. If you're a novice at app development, or simply reside in emerging markets and don't have an endless supply of funding, the Windows Phone App Studio beta is a simple solution that helps you get cracking without any obstacles. It's time to turn that app idea into reality.

We need just a few clicks to create an app for our Windows Phone. Now for any tool to be successful, it must satisfy some conditions, like it must be user friendly and it must be easily available, It must be free (at least for personal use), it must be powerful and at the same time easy to learn.

Here’s what’s new in the latest update for App Studio:

  1. Menu bar is now easier to navigate
  2. Navigation buttons have been enhanced, making it easier to edit collections
  3. Dozens of new graphic elements like icons, backgrounds, and stock images
  4. Sky Drive integration
  5. Enhanced Visual Studio project template and the code it generates


The following figure shows the brief idea of the Windows App studio. courtesy:


In this article we have learned about Windows Phone App Studio.In future articles we will see the  interface of app studio and how to create some apps!

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