Input Method Editor (IME)

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Input Method Editor -

Input method editors(IME) are programs that allow users to input text in East Asian languages using a standard keyboard. Many of these languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean have large character sets that can not be easily mapped to keyboard keys. To address this limitation, input method editors have been developed that assist text entry by displaying suggestions and modifying the input string as it is being typed. By using IME, uses can type ideographic characters in a word processor.

Installing IMEs

If you are a user who is accustomed to typing in Asian languages, you probably already have some IME’s installed. In this section we assume that you don’t know much about IME’s and haven’t used them before. Therefore, you don’t have any IME’s installed on your computer. Installation of IME’s works differently on Windows XP than on Windows Vista.

Steps to follow: 

* Double click Start->Control Panel-> Regional and Language Options icon.
* Click on the “Languages” tab
* Click on Install files for East Asian Languages. At this point, you might be asked to insert your Windows XP installation CD.
* Once you are done with installing East Asian languages, click on Details.
* Click on the Add, this should open up another Dialog- in the Input Language dropdown, select Chinese (PRC).


IMEs are really useful for quickly changing the input language and also when playing online games.

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