MySql Features

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A brief overview regarding MySQL features
The following paragraphs lists the main features of MySQL.

Features of MySQL

• Speed - MySQL is the fastest. (fastest among all)
• Ease of use - MySQL is a high-performance but relatively simple database system and is much less complex to set up and administer than larger systems.
• Cost - Is free for most in-house uses.
• Query language support - MySQL understands SQL (Structured query language), the language of choice for all modern database systems. 
• Capability – More clients can connect to the server at the same time. Clients can use multiple databases simultaneously. Can access MySQL interactively using several interfaces that let u enter queries and view the results: command-line clients, Web browsers, or X Window System clients.
• Connectivity and Security – MySQL is fully networked, and databases can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet, so u can share your data with anyone, anywhere. But MySQL has access control so that people who shouldn’t see your data can’t.
• Portability – MySQL runs on various versions of UNIX, as well as on other non-UNIX systems, such as Windows and OS/2. MySQL executes on hardware from home PCs to high-end servers.
• Open distribution – MySQL is easy to obtain, just use your web browser.

For Example – If you work in an office setting in which client records are maintained, MySQL helps in following:
1. Reduced record filing time
2. Reduced record retrieval time
3. Flexible retrieval order
4. Flexible output format
5. Simultaneous multiple-user access to records
6. Remote access to & electronic transmission of records

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