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To check the IE 8.0 Version after install in server


How to check IE 8.0 Version in javascript

Problem faced.

Last week I came across a problem, which stop to think. The problem is regarding the IE8 Version.

Using the javascript I had checked the IE version (navigator.userAgent) in my local machine.

Solution & Code

But, I got shocked when I run it from server, it display me as MSIE 7.0. After that I came to knew that

To check the version for IE8.0 we need to check the document.documentMode.

The documentmode property returns a numeric value corresponding to the page’s document compatibility mode.for ex if a page has chosen to support IE8 mode,documentMode return the value 8


function IEVersion()


        Version = "NA";

        if (window.navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")


           // This is an IE browser. What mode is the engine in?

           if (document.documentMode) // IE8

                    Version = document.documentMode;

           else // IE 5-7


              Version = 5; // Assume quirks mode unless proven otherwise

              if (document.compatMode)


                 if (document.compatMode == "CSS1Compat")

                    Version = 7; // standards mode





      return {

      "Version" : Version




    var ieVersion = IEVersion();

    var IsIE8 = ieVersion.Version != "NA" && ieVersion.Version >= 8;



To check the version for IE8.0 use document.documentMode.

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