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Pagination using EmberJS and WebAPI 
Last updated on: 05 Oct 2016 09:30:04 PM by Rajnilari2015 | Views: 4508 | Category: JavaScript |
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Ember.js is an open source JavaScript client-side framework for developing the web applications and uses the MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture pattern. It uses handlebar template as view, route is used as model and controller manipulates the data in the model. In this article we will look into how to do pagination in EmberJS.
Translate English Text To Hindi and Bengali through Google Transliterate API 
Last updated on: 17 Aug 2016 05:37:14 AM by Rajnilari2015 | Views: 7519 | Category: JavaScript |
Google Transliterate API is a JavaScript API that is useful for detecting the language of a given text block and transliterate it into a different language. In this article we will demonstrate the powerful capabilities of Google Transliterate API for converting a text written in English to other languages like Hindi and Bengali.
Display Total,Average,Grade and Result of Student 
Last updated on: 01 May 2016 03:13:04 AM by Rajnilari2015 | Views: 115682 | Category: JavaScript |
In this article, we will generate the Total,Average,Grade and Result of Student for a particular class using JavaScript and HTML.
Demonstration of Teams Performance using Pie Chart 
Last updated on: 01 May 2016 02:09:57 AM by Rajnilari2015 | Views: 2348 | Category: JavaScript |
Data Visualization is a very important aspect from the view point of an end user since it presents the visual representation of data. It brings clarity in communicating the information to the end users via the graphs, plots, tables, charts etc. It is through the application of proper and effective visualization that help users to analyze and reason about data and evidence which on the other hand brings more data accessibility, understandability and thereby usability leading to make proper strategic decision. In this article, we will look into the Teams Performance using HighChart Chart's Pie Chart.
Difference between var and let keywords in JavaScript 
Last updated on: 31 Mar 2016 08:26:44 AM by Sheonarayan | Views: 6694 | Category: JavaScript |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
In this post, we shall learn the difference between 'var' and 'let' keywords of JavaScript. WE shall learn what, why and when about let and var keywords and also const keyword of JavaScript.
Beginners Guide to Underscore.JS 
Last updated on: 03 Jan 2016 08:04:21 PM by Ranjancse | Views: 3332 | Category: JavaScript |
Votes: 2 | Rating: 5 out of 5
This article is targeted for beginners in learning and using the features of underscore.js javascript library.
Starting with ReactJS or React.js 
Last updated on: 06 Mar 2016 11:37:59 PM by Rajnilari2015 | Views: 5190 | Category: JavaScript |
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In this tour to explore ReactJS, we will learn how to start with ReactJS by supporting some of the roaring concepts of it with the help of examples.
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    Map and Reduce function of Javascript 
    Last updated on: 01 Dec 2015 01:09:01 AM by Rajnilari2015 | Views: 3815 | Category: JavaScript |
    This article explains Map and Reduce functions in JavaScript that work on arrays of JavaScript.
    Calculator Using Arrow Function Expression of ECMAScript 6 
    Last updated on: 13 Nov 2015 02:57:58 AM by Rajnilari2015 | Views: 7167 | Category: JavaScript |
    In this article, we will develop a simple calculator using the Arrow Function Expression and see it's taste.
    AngularJS Controllers 
    Last updated on: 14 Jun 2014 04:11:48 AM by Santosh.Impossible | Views: 3286 | Category: JavaScript |
    AngularJS is super innovation from the highly talented developers at Google. It is open source javascript framework which is maintained by Google and community developers. It is MV*(Model-View-Whatever) framework for building interactive, single page applications, and the traditional web applications
    Introduction of AngularJS 
    Last updated on: 09 Jun 2014 09:36:48 AM by Santosh.Impossible | Views: 4611 | Category: JavaScript |
    I am sure by now you might be already hearing the buzz word: AngularJS. Some might be also thinking along the lines like already so many good open source client side libraries and frameworks are available– jquery, knockout.js, backbone.js, spine.js, moustache.js, ember.js etc.-then why another framework? Here we will introduce you to AngularJS.
    Introduction to AngularJS 
    Last updated on: 27 May 2014 11:00:46 AM by Santosh.Impossible | Views: 5333 | Category: JavaScript |
    Votes: 1 | Rating: 4 out of 5
    In this article, we will learn about AngularJS. The main objective of the article is to address what, why and other details about AngularJS. AngularJS is the Super Heroic JavaScript MVW Framework.
    Javascript Validation 
    Last updated on: 14 Mar 2014 08:10:15 AM by Ssnkumar3 | Views: 15670 | Category: JavaScript |
    In this tutorial we will see how to do client side validation using Javascript.
    Demystify Backbone.js: Event in Backbone.js –Part-16 
    Last updated on: 29 Dec 2013 10:03:59 PM by Sourav.Kayal | Views: 7534 | Category: JavaScript |
    In this article we will learn events in backbone.js
    Demystify Backbone.js: Event in Backbone.js –Part-15 
    Last updated on: 29 Dec 2013 09:59:13 PM by Sourav.Kayal | Views: 6211 | Category: JavaScript |
    In this article we will learn events in backbone.js