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Posted on:2/24/2008 4:01:14 AM

Why to submit content in is a popular .NET Technologies related website having reader base from more than 180 countries and territories and supports more than a 14 web browsers of the world (per Google Analytic). That means your content reach to almost all geographical locations of the world!

We have cash prizes, gifts as well as points for the contributing authors in almost all sections of the website that gives you an opportunity to earn cash, win prizes like mobile phones, study materials, gifts of your choice etc. and gain points that help you get more respect in the .NET Community and to become MVP and even Microsoft MVP (Many of our authors are Microsoft MVP too).

Winner Types

Currently, following types of monthly winners are declared.

  • Winner of the month - Articles - (also gain 250 points* for each article) - Cash prize guaranteed.
  • Runner up winner of the month - Articles - (also gain 250 points* for each article).
  • Winner of the month - Interviews - (also gain 40 points for each interview questions)   - Cash prize guaranteed.
  • Runner up winner of the month - Interviews - (also gain 40 points for each interview questions).   
  • Winner of the month - Codes - (also gain 40 points for each code snippet)   - Cash prize guaranteed.
  • Runner up winner of the month - Codes - (also gain 40 points for each code snippet).   
  • Winner of the month - Forums (answering questions) - (also gain 25 points for each answer)   - Cash prize guaranteed.
  • Runner up winner of the month - Forums (answering questions) - (also gain 25 points for each answer).
  • Appreciation for the month - Forums (for asking maximum quality questions) - (also gain 10 points for each question).

Apart from winning prizes, you can also gain Points by submitting contents in other sections and by responding to the posts, asking questions etc. Read more about points here.

Submission of contents includes

  1. Submitting Articles
  2. Submitting Interview Questions
  3. Submitting of Codes
  4. Responding to Forums question or asking questions in the Forums

Gifts may include

CASH Prize

Books/Video tutorials

    Own  Gift

Terms and Conditions / Frequently Asked Questions

Re-submission of contents

You must not publish the article / content submitted for this competition to any other website or physical book. The winner must not re-publish/delete all or portion of (modify unless it's for improvement for) the article / content for which they have own the prize.

In case you want to promote your submitted post (article etc.), you are allowed to submit one or two paragraph of the content on other website/blog and redirect to this website post for complete content.

Why we do not encourage re-submission of content on other website/blog?

There are many reasons however the main reason is that "We want to respect our visitors/readers time and effort to come to our website. When someone comes to our website, he/she must be looking for some informative and unique content. Seeing duplicate content that is already available on other website doesn't makes much sense to him/her and discourage them to visit the website."

In case we come to know that articles or any other content submitted by you that was part of our competition have been resubmitted on other website, we may take appropriate action including but not limited to legal action.

How winners are decided?

Only valid and standard contents is considered for selecting winners. All contents must be completely written and owned by you. DotNetFunda.Com has all rights to not consider a particular post(s) for selecting a winner. Gifts for different sections separately is subject to minimum eligible quality and quantity of the posts that will be decided by DotNetFunda.Com every month. Sometimes weightage are given to a particular author based on his/her contribution to other sections as well. 

DotNetFunda.Com's decision on selecting winners and gifts will be final and unquestionable and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard. You should include screen shots, codes and other means of explanations where ever possible while submitting contents. 

Who can participate?

This competition is open for all (who are registered to DotNetFunda.Com, registration is FREE) however, residents of certain places like Quebec and of the Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Sudan countries (or wherever not permissible by law) are ineligible to participate due to legal constraints. This competition is void where prohibited by law; for more details on the countries where this competition is not valid, contact us.

How cash / gifts is sent?

We offer cash prizes or gifts or both. In case of cash prizes we explicitly inform to the winner and it is given to them via cheque or PayPal (If the winner is from outside India, the cash amount in INR is converted into $ and sent via PayPal). In case of a gift, it is delivered by us or our sponsors free of cost. The price of gifts can't be exchanged with cash. See what cash prizes or gifts have been given to the winners till now here. In case you have not claimed your cash/gift within one month of declaring winner, it gets cancelled and it can't be claimed later on; however winning records are maintained in our database.

How will I receive the gift?

It is based on the nature of the gift. Generally gifts are ordered online and are delivered to your address by the vendor.

Start and stop of this program

In unforeseen circumstances, has all rights to stop this program at any point in time without any prior notice. For overall website terms & condition and privacy policy click here. For any question or clarification about this program, please contact us.

* points also depends on quality of articles, in general 250 points are given for each article approved.

Disclaimer: Images/gifts displayed here are for reference purpose only, see what gifts we are providing right now by going to Winners page. Here "you" means any person submitting contents to (