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Posted on:1/16/2010 9:30:11 AM
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How to make friends on

To make a friend on, follow below steps
  1. Search a member, you want to send a friend request to

  2. Click on members username from the search result to go to that member profile

  3. Click on [+ Sent Friend Request] link (In some scenario, member might have opted out being contacted by other member, so + Sent Friend Request may not appear).

  4. Write proper message to send with your friend request and Send

  5. Once the friend request is sent, that member needs to approve the request and if its done (you will get an approval notification) you both will be able to interact with each other by going to your profile and clicking on Friends List link.


Earn points and be a leader

Apart from winning prizes every month, you can also earn points by sharing your knowledge to the .NET Community and your name shall appear as Leader; it will help you to gain recognition, respect and earn MVP title. 

Points can be earned by performing following activities.
250Submit Article
25Responding to the Article
40Submit Interview Question
10Responding to Interview Question
10Ask Question in Forums
25Answering Question Forums
50Your Forums Response Marked as Answer
40Submit Code Snippet
10Responding to Code Snippet
350Submit Video Tutorial
10Responding to Video Tutorial
100Submit Job Profile
30Submit Career Advice Question
150Submitting your Interview Experience
500Refer a friend to be a member of DotNetFunda.Com
10For everyday logging in to the website
(Points are subject to change time to time)

Apart from above Points value assigned automatically, a particular post point may be modified by the moderators / editors based on the quality of the posts.

DotNetFunda.Com MVP 
DotNetFunda.Com Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given to those members whose contribution is recognized by their contribution (unique) in different sections during the year. Contribution can be defined as posting content or moderating content of the website. This award is given annually (June of last year to June of current year). 

How to identify if a member is DotNetFunda.Com MVP (DNF MVP)?
Members awarded with DotNetFunda.Com MVP are given [MVP] status on their DotNetFunda.Com profile. 

What is given to MVPs as part of their award?
Each MVPs are given following
  1. An electronic MVP Award certificate
  2. MVP status on their profile
  3. A lot of respect and recognition in community and overall in .NET Community of the world.
MVPs can use this recognition in their job profile, signature and at other professional engagements.

DNF MVP logo url:

Discount token for ITFunda.Com's product and services

ITFunda.Com offers discount for all registered members of DotNetFunda.Com time to time. In order to generate your discount token, login to DotNetFunda.Com website, go to your profile and click on "Generate ITFunda.Com Discount Token Code" link.

Please note that if there is a discount going on for a particular product already, this discount can't be applied.

User Level - how it is calculated

User Level at DotNetFunda.Com is calculated based on the contribution a particular user has made to the website. Contribution is measured in terms of "Winner of the month" prize they have got from us. There are following User Levels at DotNetFunda.Com.

  • Starter - Any registered member who may have contributed to the website but have not won "Winner of the month" prize.
  • Bronze - Registered member who has won at least 1 and less than and equal to 2 "Winner of the month" prizes.
  • Silver - Registered member who has won at least 3 and less than and equal to 5 "Winner of the month" prizes.
  • Gold - Registered member who has won at least 6 and less than and equal to 11 "Winner of the month" prizes.
  • Diamond - Registered member who has won at least 12 and less than and equal to 17 "Winner of the month" prizes. - Eligible for annual gift *
  • Platinum - Registered member who has won at least 18 and more "Winner of the month" prizes. - Eligible for annual bonus *
  • NotApplicable - Not Applicable
  • HonoraryPlatinum- Assigned to our respected team members whose contributions in the website is priceless.
* Applicable if at least some contributions (Keep winning any of the monthly prizes) are continuing in the following years (years after achieving the above level).

User Status - what does it mean

User Status at DotNetFunda.Com is given to the members based on the role they play for the website. Following are the User Status and their meaning.

  • Administrator - Administrator of the website.
  • Member - Any registered member of the website.
  • Moderator - DotNetFunda.Com team member who does moderation of a particular section (like Interview, Codes etc.)
  • MVP - Registered members who is a DotNetFunda MVP

  • Microsoft_MVP - Registered members who is a Microsoft MVP
  • PanelMember - DotNetFunda.Com team Career Advice Panel members
(If your Status is not updated in your profile, please let us know.)

Winner Type -  what does it mean

There are following winners types at DotNetFunda.Com.
  • Winner - "Winner of the month", selected once in a month for almost every section, based on members' contribution
  • RunnerUpWinner - "Runner up winner of the month", selected once in a month for almost every section, based member's contribution
  • Recognition - Recognition for any specific work that is recognized as valuable for the website
  • Appreciation - To appreciate any effort of a particular user for the website

How to edit my posts?

To edit your posts, go to Login page and login with valid credentials. Go to your profile by clicking on your Username at the top-left (just below the main menu), scroll down to the profile page to go to your Submissions; click on respective sections link that lists all posts by you in that section. Click Edit link against each post to edit that posts.

Alternatively, you can also Edit (If the post is active and already published) the post by going to the respective posts and clicking on "Edit ..." link just below the title of the post. Note that "Edit ..." link only appears when you are logged in.

What is recommended/recommended for job?

We at recommend our selected members for job to our network of employers by marking their profile as Recommended for job , see how a recommended profile looks like. Recommendation is done considering several aspects of members professional career and some of them are 

  • Members' direct contribution in terms of showcasing their technical knowledge by sharing 
    • Articles & Tutorials, 
    • Helping other members in Forums to solve their problems
    • Submitting valuable code snippets and other information in other sections of

  • Members' indirect contribution (in this case, we evaluate member technically before recommending) by 
    • moderating different sections of the website for long time.
    • Helping members/visitors indirectly in some other form.
Employer? If you are an employer and want to know the basis of a recommendation for a particular member, please contact us.

Our decision is final on who should be recommended.