Count No of Table available in Current Database

Posted by Sksamantaray under Sql Server category on | Points: 40 | Views : 1857 count(*) TotalTable FROM DatabaseName.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES
where TABLE_TYPE='BASE TABLE' Count(*) TotalTables from sys.tables

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ya sir it really y nice
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The following script also can be used to findout, No of tables available in ALL the database(s) in active instance
Create Table #TableCount

DBName Varchar(100),
TableCount Int

Insert #TableCount
Exec Sp_MsforeachDB 'Use [?]; Select DB_Name(),Count(1) from sys.all_objects Where type=''U'' And is_ms_shipped =0 Having Count(1) >1'

Select * from #TableCount

Drop Table #TableCount

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