How to Hosted Production server in my WCF Service and WebApplication.

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I have Create First

1.WCF Service Application and added Service and Data Contracts then
Second I added new Website add Service References Include This WCF Service

Working Good in Local in my Pc. But I do know how to hosted this to server
what is requirements for this Hosted any one post step by step
how to do this WCF service and my web application deploy and hosted most urgent

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You would have got the local service url in the web.config file (something like http://localhost:2552/service.svc). You will need to replace the local service url to the server web service url (like and it should work.

If not, first upload the wcf service and test whether its working fine by accessing via url and clicking on the url of the service page. Then copy that url and Update the wcf service reference. Build the website and then it should work.


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